Posted by Ben Isecke

2024 CS Certification Info Blast

by Ben Isecke
1. What is the required exam for the Computer Science Certification in New Jersey?
  • Answer: The required exam is the Praxis, and the passing score is set at 149. The adopted resolution can be found on page five of this NJ DOE document: Praxis Tests and Scores Resolution.
2. What is the regulation for K-6 teachers in teaching computer science?
  • Answer: K-6 general education teachers can teach any topic, including computer science, as long as it constitutes less than 50% of their instructional time. Refer to NJ Administrative Code 6A:9B-9.3(b)2.iv for more information.
3. What are the overall requirements and scope of the Computer Science Certification?
  • Answer: The certification will be required for all grades, Pre-K-12, starting in 2027. However, Pre-K teachers are not required to teach CS standards as they begin from kindergarten (see #4). The certification requires 15 credits, including a "methods" class. Further details can be found on slides 21-23 of the NJ DOE's Regional Training PowerPoint slides 21-23.
4. What are the standards for Computer Science in New Jersey?
5. Is there a provision for 'grandfathering' current CS teachers?
  • Answer: Yes. Teachers who have taught CS for at least two of the last four years before September 2024 can be grandfathered, exempting them from the 15-credit requirement. However, they still need to pass the Praxis. An "effective" or "highly effective" rating is required for at least two of those years. (See powerpoint in #3)
6. How does this certification impact CTE (Career and Technical Education)?
  • Answer: This certification has no impact on CTE, as it is a separate system.
7. Are there any university programs available yet for these credits?
  • Answer: As of this writing (1/11/24), universities are in the process of developing programs in cooperation with the department of education, but none have been officially released yet.