Letter from Dayrl Detrick
Hi all
NJDOE recently opened the portal for the Computer Science Certification.  I filled it out this morning.  Took about 30 minutes, but wanted to share some helpful tips that might make it go quicker for you.   

The Computer Science certificate requirement information is available on the NJDOE website


  • Go to "Instructional Certificates"
  • Computer Science (1820)
  • Those who have teaching certificate in another subject will go to "Standard".   There are three options under standard depending if you taught Computer Science before.
  • "CE" and "CEAS" are for individuals getting into teaching and want to get a full certification to teach Computer Science 
  • "CTE" (4148) is a different certification process only for those who teach in CTE programs.  More information at the same website under "Career and Technical Education Certificates" (below "Instructional Certificates")



Educators can apply for the computer science certificate in NJEdCert.


  • All need to take the Computer Science Praxis (5652) and getting a passing score of 149 before applying.  You will need your ETS Candidate ID number.
  • Need to meet the other requirements (teaching CS for 2 years or course work - see previous website)
  • Have your current teacher certification available, as you will need the number at the top when taking the Physiology and Hygiene Exam (about 15 common sense questions )
  • Payment holiday ends June 30.  At the beginning they will give a generic credit card information.  Take a screen shot or copy down that info to use on the payment page.



Please be advised, the information above is for informational purposes only based on my experience (hopefully I didn't make any mistakes).  If you have additional questions after reviewing the NJDOE website, you should call the NJDOE Office of Certification.  I called about a password issue and they were very helpful.    The number is 609-292-2070.   Hours M - F 8:00 am - 7:00 pm.  They suggested calling after 5:00 pm

Thanks to the number of teachers on this forum who have shared information over the last few years as it have become available.  I think we finally have all the information we need to get started, at least for those who have been teaching CS over the last few years.  Thank you also to NJDOE for sharing the information on the websites.

Hope this is helpful