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Coding and More - Artificial Intelligence for K-12.  “Coding and More provides Artificial Intelligence education for the K-12 grade band. Every month we put together a newsletter with fun and useful learning resources for students, teachers and parents. 

In the December, 2023 issue of AI Newsletter you can find:

  • Discover AI - guided workshop on "how to create your custom GPT" run by two of our students Ayesha & Vanika from Cathedral & John Connon.  One of our students made a custom gpt for an anti bullying assistant and the other trained ChatGPT to a diabetes assistant. We hope that other children are inspired to problem solve too for problems close to their lives using these AI tools. 

  •  Interesting videos and articles to keep you updated on AI. 

  • Our students projects and awards at the World AI Competition for Youth 2023! 

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