We asked Yasmin Kinak to share with us how she started a CS honor Society at her High School.
1) Educate the principal about the society and then asked the principal to approve the society.
2) Principal approved but needed board approval as well, so she asked the board to approve it at the meeting.
3) Once the society was approved with me being the advisor, I paid membership dues to CSTA and they sent us information on how to make the society visible to other CS societies in NJ. We entered school information to the link that was suggested. the society. This information allowed us to be visible on the CSHS for NJ entered the information Carteret High School.
4) We also ordered pins (CSHS pins).
5) We picked the members based on GPA and their vision of how Computer Science is important in their lives now and their future. (This was an essay submission) 
6) We held an induction ceremony, then voted officials such as VP, President, etc.
Now, we hold meetings twice a month to get others excited about learning CS.
We have a service idea that we JUST started implementing,