We are students from Millburn High School and would like to tell you about HackMHS IX, an upcoming event at our school. HackMHS is an upcoming overnight competition where teams of students work together to learn about new technologies, grow entrepreneurial spirit, and develop problem-solving skills. As they learn, students build a project to compete for prizes. This HackMHS, which will be held on April 19th-20th, is the ninth hackathon that Millburn High School’s students have organized. For more information about hackathons, you can check out MLH’s guide. For this event, we will be partnered with MLH to help guide our process of organization. 

Can you please inform your students about HackMHS? It’s a great opportunity for high schoolers to learn to code while having fun, competing for prizes and networking with other engineers.

Students will need to register to be able to attend HackMHS, and applications are still open now at https://hackmhs.com! Students don’t need to have pre-determined teams to register. We encourage them to meet and form teams with others.

The event is designed with newcomers and first-timers in mind - we will have experienced mentors and engaging workshops to guide students. Students experienced in computer science can also sharpen their skills and practice real-life project development.

Thanks to our sponsors’ help, HackMHS is completely free! We provide free food, prizes, and merchandise.

As the event is overnight, we make proper sleeping accommodations. Parents should know that there will be designated sleeping areas separated by gender, and the entire event will be monitored by school-approved adult chaperones and nighttime security. If a child doesn’t want to stay overnight, they can be picked up by parents and join us the next morning.

If students, parents, or teachers have any questions, they can visit our website at www.hackmhs.com or email info@hackmhs.com


HackMHS Outreach Team