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Nov 01, 2022
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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Chapter Meeting Notes

Here is the Chapter Meeting Presentation from September 28, 2022. 

Congratulations to Lauren, who won the Wheel of Fortune Raffle of a $25 gift card! To have your name entered, register for each meeting through the Event Page and complete the attendance form on the night of the meeting!

Shoutout to NJ Chapter Members Who are Leading the Way for CS

Paige Besthoff, CSTA Conference Committee

Daryl Detrick, CSTA Policy Committee

Toni Dunlap, CSTA Equity Fellow (more info below)

Jahaira Ortiz, CSTA Membership Committee

Michelle Wendt, CSTA Chapter Leader Committee Emeritus, Code.org Advocacy Coalition

Kim Smith, CSTA Reflective Teachers Committee

NJ CS Teacher Chosen for CSTA 2022-23 Equity Fellows — Teacher Cohort

Toni Dunlap 

First from CSTANJ!
Toni Dunlap currently serves as a computer science (CS) educator and the Middle School Service-Learning Representative at Princeton Day School in New Jersey. She teaches CS at the 6th – 12th grade level. Toni – a native of Atlanta, GA – moved to Colorado pursue an undergraduate degree in CS from the University of Denver. During her time in college, Toni recognized she had a passion for working in roles that involve mentorship, lesson planning, community organizing, and exposing others (especially underrepresented communities) to CS/STEAM fields. This ultimately led her to pursue a teaching career, which has proven to be a perfect fit - a position that allows her to explore both her love of CS and people. In partnership with Princeton Day School, Toni got her start in education via the Day School Teaching Residency (DSTR) program at the University of Pennsylvania. The 2022-23 school year marks her 4th year of teaching.
Many thanks to our Nifty Lesson Presentors

What is a Nifty Lesson? 

Characteristics of Nifty-ness

Defining the cool, fun factor

  • Topical context and aligned to standards
  • High levels of student engagement
  • Effective learning and adaptable to a variety of grade levels.
  • Unique to CS / reveals power of computing
  • Curiosity rewarded
  • Students show-off to others
  • Something you can use in your class in the next two weeks!

Mary Ann Cassidy

Mary Ann Cassidy is a 4th -5th grade Tech Integration teacher at Miller School in Egg Harbor Township. Prior to this year, she was teaching at Fernwood Avenue Middle School in EHT where she won Teacher of the Year.  In 2021, Mary Ann was winner of the CSTA/Infosys Foundation USA CS Teaching Excellence Award.

Chelsea Clark

Chelsea Clarke is the technology/gifted and talented teacher in Roseland, NJ. She teaches technology to students in grades 3-6, enrichment to students in grades K-6, and gifted and talented to students in grades 4-6. She also presents technology PD for the teachers at her school. Chelsea loves incorporating STEAM into all of her lessons and activities.

Ryan Evans

Ryan Evans is a computer literacy / programing teacher at Haskell School in Haskell, NJ which is part of the Wanaque School District. Ryan has been an educator for twenty-five years and is passionate about bringing digital literary to his students in an exciting and engaging way. Ryan enjoys sharing his knowledge about teaching and learning and regularly conducts professional development workshops in the Wanaque School District and has presented several times at the NJEA convention.  Outside of school he enjoys learning and brushing up on programming skills by taking courses on Udemy. He also enjoys playing the guitar and mixing music with his DJ equipment.

Zach Huffman

ASP - sampling an analog image to represent it digitally
Zach Huffman currently teaches AP CSP and two intro to CS courses, in addition to running the esports program, at The Hun School of Princeton in Princeton, NJ. Hailing from Sewanee, TN, Zach has been an avid gamer all his life. He first realized his passion for programming when he coded a quadratic equation-solving program in his TI-84 in high school. He got his BA in Computer Science from Macalester College before working as a software engineer in Minneapolis for two years. Wanting to explore the world and try his hand at teaching, he lived in Austria for a year before moving to Busan, South Korea, where he taught K-8 Computer Science at an American school for four years.

Dalton Fowler

Dalton Fowler is a 2015 graduate of The College of New Jersey beginning his 8th year in STEM Education at Burlington Township High School. He currently teaches an Introduction to Computer Science course involving Arduino and C++, a CAD course, and an Introduction to Engineering Course. Dalton resides in Medford, NJ with his wife Jessica and their dog Booker. 

CSTANJ is building a Mentoring Program! Anyone interested in being a Mentor or Mentee contact:Ben Isecke: musicteacher@gmail.com


WP Educational Technology Conference - AI Artificial Intelligence in K-12 Education: Best Practices and Trends:  Friday, November 18, 2022, 8:30 AM - 3:10 PM, EST (ONLINE)​​​​


From Josephine Giaimo:For anyone wanting to learn more about user experience and the UXPA K12 Education Initiatives inside and outside New Jersey, my email address is josephinegiaimo@gmail.com


CS4NJ and CSTANJ made a joint comment to the DOE about our concerns with the requirements for elementary school teachers. 
We expect this comment will be reviewed at the next State BOE meeting.



CSTA has CS Teacher Standards? 




CSTA+ Membership Benefits our CSTANJ Chapter?

 $25 of the $50 CSTA+ membership fee  $25 comes back to our chapter!

Other + Benefits include:

  • Access to the latest research on CS education

  • Exclusive classroom experiences and guest speakers

  • Free or deeply discounted teaching aids, like robots, circuits, and maker tools

  • Priority access and discounted registration to the CSTA conferences and events

  • Subscriptions to publications and a monthly member's only newsletter

  • Discounts for online courses and support for CS teaching certifications

CSTANJ K to 8 Group has 71 members and the K - 8 Steering committe has 9 members! If you teach Computer Science to grades K to 8 and are not in the group or would like to serve on the K - 8 Steering Commitee please contact kimberly.curran.smith@gmail.com


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