CSTA New Jersey was established in 2021 as the centralized computer science community for New Jersey. Previously, there were four chapters serving the state.  By combining, we seek to streamline communications with various stakeholders in the state.  We still offer regional meetings.  Feel free to contact any of the executive officers below for more information.

CSTA New Jersey President  -

Michelle Wendt

Michelle Wendt:

For the past nine years, I have actively participated in CSTA and held various positions, including Vice-President, webmaster, and chapter secretary for the Southern New Jersey Chapter. Additionally, I dedicated two years to the Chapter Leadership Committee for CSTA. I am so excited to continue our work in New Jersey to connect and assist as many computer science teachers as we can. 

During my involvement with CSTA in New Jersey, I successfully coordinated participants for the CSTASNJ annual programming contest for four years. Organizing two hackathons staffed by CSTASNJ volunteers was one of my volunteer highlights. 

In addition to my roles within CSTA, I have also contributed to building and maintaining the membership of our advocacy group, CS4NJ. If you have any inquiries or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

CSTA New Jersey Vice President  -

Paige Besthoff

I have been a Computer Science teacher for 23 years, teaching elementary Computer Science for 7 of those years, and have been a CSTA member for 5 years. Formerly from NYC, I currently teach in Spotswood, NJ. I facilitate workshops in partnership with Code.org and the TCNJ Central New Jersey Computer Science Education Hub, Rutgers CS Hub, and the Kean University CS Hub. I frequently present at CSTA, ISTE, and other CS and technology education conferences across the country and partner with CS4NJ presenting the new NJ standards and sharing sample lessons as well as moderating their Twitter page. I serve as a K-5 representative on the 2023 CSTA national conference committee,  am the co-chair of CSTA New Jersey CSPD Week and a member of the CSTA New Jersey K-8 Steering Committee. I look forward to supporting all New Jersey CS teachers.

CSTA New Jersey Treasurer 

Lee Hayden

 I teach computer science and robotics at Roxbury High School in Succasunna NJ and been active with the central and northern CSTA chapters of New Jersey since 2011, including serving as the president of the northern chapter between 2015 and 2020, and serving on the steering committee that resulted in the new consolidated chapter.   As the lead FIRST Robotics coach at my high school between 2012 and 2019, I managed a $25,000+ budget each year, so I am experienced in managing the funding of a large education-based organization, and worked closely with a booster club with 501c3 status .  After a school year that seemed to facilitate professional isolation at school, being able to collaborate with my fellow computer science educators outside of school hours was a professional lifeline for me throughout the pandemic, and I look forward to being a CSTA NJ team member in the coming years!


CSTA New Jersey Chapter Secretary

Maria Filipe

I teach 2nd thru 5th Computer Literacy
Teaching for over 15 years I work in Elizabeth NJ at the Juan Pablo Duarte Jose Julian Marti School No 28.
I was a recipient of the 2023 CS Teaching Excellence Award.
I am participating in the OWEL cohort.

CSTA NJ Chaper Leader - Webmaster

Kimberly Curran Smith

(Reflective Teacher Subcommittee)

I have over 25 years of experience teaching Computer Science. I teach K to 8 Computer Science & Design Thinking at Saint Raphael School in Hamilton, NJ. Besides teaching, one of my roles is acting as an Instructional Innovator to teachers for CS and STEM. 

I have been a webmaster of the CSTANJ since 2017. I serve on the CSTANJ Steering committee and Co-Chair the K - 8 subcommittee. In 2022 I helped with the CSPDWeek Steering Committee. I serve on the CSTA National Committee for Reflective Teachers.I look forward to the opportunity to help teachers apply the CSTA Teachers Standards to their teaching tools.

CSTA New Jersey Chapter Leader - (Past President)

Ben Isecke

I have been a Computer Science teacher for ten years.  I currently teach at the Bergen County Academies.  I was excited to get involved with CSTA, and to help merge our four chapters together into one, new chapter.  I headed the committee that wrote our new Bylaws, and I would love to help see our new organization through its new beginnings.  I want CSTANJ to do a lot for New Jersey's computer science teachers.


CSTA New Jersey Chapter Leader - 

Anne Kohart 

I have been teaching CS Principles and CS A for the past 4 years at Burlington Township High School in Burlington, NJ.  I joined the Central NJ chapter 4 years ago.  Two years ago, I created a chapter that met in Mt Laurel, NJ to serve the south west portion of the state.  I am excited to serve on this board.  It is my passion to expose as many students as possible to the field of computer science.

CSTA New Jersey Chapter Equity Fellow

Toni Dunlap

Toni Dunlap currently serves as a computer science (CS) educator and the Middle School Service-Learning Representative at Princeton Day School in New Jersey. She teaches CS at the 6th – 12th grade level. Toni – a native of Atlanta, GA – moved to Colorado pursue an undergraduate degree in CS from the University of Denver. During her time in college, Toni recognized she had a passion for working in roles that involve mentorship, lesson planning, community organizing, and exposing others (especially underrepresented communities) to CS/STEAM fields. This ultimately led her to pursue a teaching career, which has proven to be a perfect fit – a position that allows her to explore both her love of CS and people. In partnership with Princeton Day School, Toni got her start in education via the Day School Teaching Residency (DSTR) program at the University of Pennsylvania. Toni is honored to have served as the first equity fellow representing NJ, and is thrilled to stay connected with CSTANJ.

CSTA New Jersey Chapter K-8 Representative

Samantha Selikoff

Samantha Selikoff is an alum at The College of New Jersey with an extensive background in event planning and STEM education. She is passionate about sports, art culture, volunteering and photography. Along with teaching STEM through concepts such as the Engineering Design Process, film production, coding and financial literacy, Samantha also interned at The National Baseball Hall of Fame where she created STEM lessons around baseball. Samantha is very passionate and is a leader as well as learner in the education community. Samantha believes that STEM is for everyone and you never know who is sitting in your classroom that could end up changing the world for the better. As well as being a STEM teacher at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, she also holds the position of ed tech coach.

CSTA New Jersey Chapter Leader - 

Regina Nadbielny 

CSTA 2021 Awards Video

Regina Nadbielny has been the STEAM Teacher for gifted and talented students from K-7 in Orange, NJ for the past ten years. In the fall she will be the middle school STEAM teacher in Long Hill Township.


In addition to teaching Regina presents virtual workshops to K-5 educators in NJ showing how she implements the NJ Student Learning Standards in Computer Science. Regina was awarded the Computer Science Teaching Excellence Award in 2021 and the NJAGC Teacher of the Year Award in 2019. She is currently one of three NJ finalists for the 2022 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.


Regina worked as a computer programmer on Wall Street for 11 years before starting a second career as a teacher. Regina is passionate about providing real-world CS activities starting in kindergarten. In addition to coding and robotics Regina arranges virtual field trips and brings in role models and experts that look like her students. Regina earned a National Geographic Educator Certification and taught her students to code and fly drones as part of a research project. She is an active member of the NJ CSTA and has presented at the national CSTA conference.


CSTA New Jersey Chapter Leader - 

Suzanne Chidiac

CSTA New Jersey Chapter Leader - 

Carolyn Segreto

CSTA New Jersey Chapter K-8 Representative

Dara Kirschenbaum-Perry

CSTA New Jersey Chapter K-8 Representative

Sandra Rivera

CSTA New Jersey Chapter K-8 Representative

Roseanna Misuraca

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