Upcoming CSTA New Jersey Events
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MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Chapter Meeting Date: Wednesday, November 15th, 2023, 7:00 PM The theme is "Your favorite Geek Fashion!" Come dressed to impress! You must register to be eligible to win a 25 gift card to attend. You also have to fill out an attendance form during the meeting. 
Presentaiton by Juicemind! 
PLEASE NOTE: You need to make sure that you are signed into CSTA in order to register! 
*Register for the meeting and fill out the attendance form on the night of the meeting for a chance to win a gift card! 

The theme is "Your favorite Geek Fashion!" Come dressed to impress! 

CSTA New Jersey News
We are happy to announce that the National Science Foundation just awarded a new grant to support an equity-focused peer mentoring program in our chapter. CSTA New Jersey is partnering with CSTA, WestEd, CSTA Wisconsin Dairyland, and the CSTA Black Affinity Group to scale the MENTORS in CS program to our three communities. The program provides ongoing, rigorous 1:1 support to novice high school CS teachers through a structured, one-year mentoring program. Mentees will meet with mentors (experienced CS teachers) virtually for about one hour twice per month throughout the school year. Goals of these meetings are to plan for and reflect on lessons, address challenges, build knowledge and skills, and monitor progress towards goals. Through individualized support through 1:1 mentorship, we expect participants will demonstrate increased confidence, pedagogical content knowledge, and use of equitable and inclusive teaching practices. 
Kathy and Kevin are the two leads for our chapter. This year, they will not only plan as part of the project team but also mentor a local teacher in order to better understand the program and structures and think about how to adapt them to meet our chapters' needs. We will roll out the program over the next two years, expecting to support about 8 mentors and 8 mentees during the 2024-25 school year and 12 mentors and 12 mentees in the 2025-26 school year. We're very excited!
Read about CS Mentors Program
FREE for NJ Teachers Only! Calling all makers and innovators! Makerspace workshop on October 16, 2023. Unleash creativity and hands-on learning in classrooms.
CS Coastal - SRI & ETTC | Stockton University
CS Coastal - SRI & ETTC | Stockton University
ETTC at Stockton University is pleased to announce the establishment of a new regional center funded by the New Jersey Department of Education. The CS Coastal Hub will expand access to computer science for all K-12 students by building a network of educators across the region.
Hello, Wonderful Members of CSTA New Jersey Chapter!
Be prepared for a year filled with exciting events, enlightening workshops, and invaluable networking opportunities. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you and creating a vibrant community that fosters growth, knowledge sharing, and success. Our elections are over, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to our outgoing president Ben Isecke, who will continue to serve on our Steering Committee. We are excited to announce our new leadership team:
  • CSTA New Jersey Chapter President - Michelle Wendt
  • CSTA New Jersey Chapter Vice-President - Paige Besthoff 
  • CSTA New Jersey Chapter Treasurer - Lee Hayden
  • CSTA New Jersey Chapter Secretary - Maria Filipe
  • CSTA New Jersey Chapter Web Editor and Reflective Teacher Subcommittee - Kimberly Smith
  • CSTA New Jersey Chapter Leader - Anne Kohart
  • CSTA New Jersey Chapter Leader - Benjamin Isecke
  • CSTA New Jersey Chapter Leader - Regina Nadbielny
  • CSTA New Jersey Chapter Leader - Suzanne Chidiac
  • CSTA New Jersey Chapter Leader - Carolyn Segreto
  • CSTA New Jersey Chapter Leader - Dara Kirschenbaum-Perry
  • CSTA New Jersey Chapter Leader - Sandra Rivera
  • CSTA New Jersey Chapter K-8 Representative - Roseanna Misuraca
  • CSTA New Jersey Chapter K-8 Representative - Samantha Selikoff
  • CSTA New Jersey Chapter Higher Ed Representative - Frances Trees
  • CSTA New Jersey Chapter Equity Fellow - Toni Dunlap
We are confident that the CSTA New Jersey Chapter will continue to be a hub of innovation, collaboration, and lifelong learning. Together, we will explore new avenues in CS education, exchange ideas, and empower educators to make a lasting impact on the next generation. If any members want to join our excellent Steering Committee, reach out!
Michelle Wendt
CSTA-NJ President
And in case you are relaxing too much,  Anne Kohart and Paige Besthoff, our fearless CSEd week coordinators, wanted to ensure you know that CSTANJ is hosting professional development this summer.  Please read:
The NJ Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) is hosting 4 days of professional development from August 7th - August 11th.  The first day, Monday, 8/7, is in-person at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ).  The remainder of the days are virtual.  Review our website to see the great offerings we have!  Registration is $35 and it includes breakfast, lunch on August 7th and access to all workshops.  Register by July 5th, to receive a free t-shirt!! 

Today marks two years for our (no-longer-new) statewide chapter. Two years!
My term as the founding President will also come to a close tonight, and we'll enter a new era with an incredible new leadership team tomorrow morning. I want to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome (and congratulations) to our incoming president, Michelle, our new vice president, Paige, and our new secretary, Maria. I'm also glad to see Lee continuing on as our excellent treasurer. This is a dedicated and talented team, and I am certain we will see great things from them.
As I reflect on the past two years, I can't help but note how far CSTANJ has come. Together, we have created a strong foundation for the future. We have the largest chapter in the nation with a strong set of bylaws. We have successfully organized two CSPD weeks, facilitated all mandatory CSTA requirements, met all our chosen chapter goals, and are now implementing a valuable CS teacher mentorship program. We have been active advocates across the state, supporting teachers in navigating the new certification requirements, and so much more than that. Please forgive me if I forgot to mention something you did. My memory fails me among all of the initiatives we've undertaken.
I want to express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you for your unwavering commitment, passion, and hard work these past two years. Our achievements are a testament to the collective efforts and collaboration of this remarkable group of people that I have come to admire and love. I have full confidence in our incoming officers, and I believe that under Michelle's leadership, alongside Paige, Maria, and Lee, CSTANJ will continue to flourish and reach new heights.
As I transition to the role of Past President, I will not disappear. I will absolutely continue to support our organization in any way I can. I am here to assist, advise, and lend a helping hand whenever needed.
So, here's to two years done, and many more to come. Please join me in congratulating the new board and wishing them all the best in their roles. The future of CSTANJ is bright, and I have no doubt that the best is yet to come.
Warmest regards,
Ben Isecke
Past President, CSTANJ
State Funded Programs in Support of Computer Science Education

State funded programs have been established at four New Jersey institutions of higher education to provide
computer science professional learning, support the implementation of the 2020 New Jersey Student Learning
Standards in Computer Science (NJSLS-CS), and promote the expansion of K-12 computer science education.
School districts and schools are encouraged to make use of the services and resources available.
Non-CSTA Resource Links
Regional Leaders needed!  We are looking for leaders all over the state to host meetings for teachers to meet and share ideas, vent and help each other out!
You don't have to do it alone!  Regional leaders will be a part of the steering committee that meets monthly.  Contact us for more information!
Have an idea to help teachers in the state?  Contact us!