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September 2022
CSTA Chapter News
Follow-up on the proposed changes in chapter 9 regarding the CS endorsement.  
If you look at the document for 9B, the first 24 pages are responses to comments and agency-initiated changes published after the September 14 State BOE Meeting.
While there are no comments or changes based on computer science, it is nice to know that there is an avenue for those questions to be answered.
Please make sure you are submitting your questions (CTE, k-6, Praxis) in the comment section.    I believe the 3 month comment period runs through the end of October (Nov 9?)
Your comments will help make sure the changes implemented by NJBOE will maximize the equitable impact on our students.

The proposed changes to Chapter 9 that include Computer Science teacher credentials are posted on the New Jersey State Board webpage.  The details of the CS credentials can be found in the Chapter 9B document by searching for “computer science”.   If you have comments, you should click the comment section on the website to send an email to State Board of Education. 

Overview (please read full proposal for details)

  • This endorsement is for Preschool through 12th grade 

  • Implementation July 1, 2027

  • 15 credit add on endorsement requires CS teaching methods course

  • “Grandfather clause” for those teaching CS September 1, 2024

  • “Praxis” required 

For your ease, I copied and pasted the changes in chapter 9B that are specific to Computer Science (here). 

 It is VERY important that you submit your comments, both with support and concerns.  This proposal will impact CS education for years to come, so our input will be valuable.  

We are excited to announce that Governor Murphy has included another $2 million in the Fiscal Year 2023 NJ State Budget for Computer Science.    If approved, this brings the total grants for Computer Science education under Governor Murphy to $6.8 million.
Here is the wording from page 188:
The amount hereinabove appropriated for the K--12 Computer Science Education Initiative shall be used exclusively to support approved applications for the expansion and support of professional development of K--12 computer science teachers, and for advanced computer science course offerings as determined by the Commissioner of Education based on a district’s demonstration of its readiness to implement such a program, subject to the approval of the Director of the Division of Budget and Accounting  
This must pass the legislature before being reaching the Governor's desk for signature.

If you would like to testify at the legislative hearing (written or verbal) use this link to register.   The hearings will be virtual.
Please let me know if you have any questions
Excited about the continued success the CS community in NJ has had.  We are positively impacting the lives of students.
When you click on the link and read the instructions there are other ways to participate if you cannot testify in person! 
  • In order to accommodate as many witnesses as possible, some variations in the time schedule may be required. Those persons scheduled to participate during a session are asked to log into the session within the hour prior to the start of the session, to guarantee participation.
  • Oral testimony will be limited to three minutes.
  • In order to facilitate the operation of the hearings, those persons wishing to present written testimony are asked to submit the document in advance to SBABudgetHearings@njleg.org.
  • Written testimony should include the name of the person(s) speaking, organization name, address, phone and fax number and email address. Written testimony submitted to the committee will be made public on the Internet and become part of the permanent record. Personal contact information will not be made public.
  • In the event you cannot appear to testify, you may email: SBABudgetHearings@njleg.org. or mail your testimony to the Legislative Budget and Finance Office, State House Annex, P.O. Box 068, Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0068.
  • You will be allowed to testify at one Senate public hearing. Those participants from statewide or national organizations with multiple chapters, offices, locations, etc., should consolidate their efforts and select one person to represent the organization."


CSTA New Jersey Steering Committee has been successful in reaching membership goals! 

We just received the following message from CSTA Chapter Relations Manager Jason Bohrer.

Greetings CSTA New Jersey Chapter Leaders, 
I just wanted to share that CSTA New Jersey is the first CSTA chapter to hit 300 active CSTA chapter members! 
~ Jason
New goal = 400 members!!!
Computer Science Education is good for our students and good for our state, 
thanks to the work of good Computer Science teachers!!!!
Hi all,
Just had a conversation with Code.org.   Excited to share that New Jersey has the 5th highest participation rate of any state on the number of CS emails to the Governor.  
Those states ahead of us started 2 days ago, we started 4 hours ago!!    NJ Rocks!
Thanks and keep it going.  Have your family members send an email.   Here is the link.  (takes 2 minutes at most)
Feel free to share the original email with other stakeholders.
Governor Murphy is the vice-chair of the National Governor's Association (NGA) and will be the chair next year.   He is working with Arkansas's Governor Hutchinson, who is the current chair of NGA.   Here are a few exciting pieces of information and a way you can help.
National Governors Association - CS Ed Initiative
Governor Hutchinson has made Computer Science Education his chairman's initiative this year.   Here is a 2022 NGA Plenary on Computer Science Education.   The first 15 minutes is a great speech by Governor Hutchinson (worth watching) followed by a panel discussion with CEOs.
Meet the Press 
Governor Murphy and Governor Hutchinson were both on Meet the Press to discuss bipartisan efforts.  They both mentioned Computer Science Education.  You can find it here around 1:30
We are excited that Governor Murphy is also one of the 14 members of Governors for CS.   Thanks to Code.org for leading this effort.
As Governor Murphy holds the role of vice-chair and future chair of the National Governors Association, we would like to thank him for all his support and encourage him to use this platform to continue to promote Computer Science Education.
Please take a minute to use this link to send Governor Murphy an email supporting the NGA Computer Science Education initiative.
Thanks for supporting CSforAll.  We are positively impacting the lives of our students.
2022 is a big year for Computer Science in NJ, with the implementation of the NJ CS Standards in September.   All one million K-8 students will be required to learn CS and all high schools will be required to offer CS.
Mayra Bachrach is the NJDOE Computer Science Coordinator and a great resource.   If you have questions about computer science education or the implementation of the CS standards, you can send emails to ComputerScience@doe.nj.gov
The NJDOE standards department recently up their Computer Science website with some resources, links and definitions.
We look forward to continues collaboration with NJDOE as we implement the NJ Computer Science Action Plan to ensure all students have access to equitable and quality computer science education.
Stay well
Exciting news!!!!!

The CS4NJ Coalition was recently awarded a $56,000 grant from Google.org to support New Jersey’s Computer Science State plan by helping prepare teachers to implement CSforALL in K-12 schools across New Jersey. The New Jersey Department of Education and the Governor’s Computer Science Advisory Board created the NJ Computer Science State Plan in 2019 to outline steps to implement quality and equitable computer science education for all students in New Jersey.

"We know that providing students access to quality STEM education starts with equipping teachers and educators with the right training and tools," said Sarah Henderson, Google's Senior Manager for Tech Education NYC.  "Google is proud to be supporting the CS4NJ Coalition in helping teachers implement Governor Murphy's NJ Computer Science State Plan." 

“We are very fortunate to have Google as a member in the CS4NJ Coalition to help in our efforts ensure all students have access to quality and equitable Computer Science education,” said CS4NJ Director Daryl Detrick.  “We appreciate their generous support to help make sure teachers are ready to implement the NJ CS Standards.”   

Link to the full press release


Non-CSTA Resource Links
Regional Leaders needed!  We are looking for leaders all over the state to host meetings for teachers to meet and share ideas, vent and help each other out!
You don't have to do it alone!  Regional leaders will be a part of the steering committee that meets monthly.  Contact us for more information!
Have an idea to help teachers in the state?  Contact us!